How Will You Create Scents to Arouse Your Sensuality?

Author Bradley Martin From Sex: Every Man’s Guide to Make Her Orgasm and Equally Satisfied 1324

Sex is all about sensuality and scents are part of that. Even what we can’t smell (but is definitely there) can get us revved up. Pheromones lead us to the one we desire like a silent siren song. But we can choose to heighten the mood that’s already present in our chemical reaction to the women we love to love and hers to us, by adding some strategic olfactory stimulation.

We know women like candles and we know they like them scented. But some scents are just sexier than others and can actually stimulate both of you sexually. Like some foods, these scents are not only pleasant, but pack an erotic punch you can employ while setting the scene for your night of hot, orgasmic loving!

Since the 18th Century, doctors have prescribed vanilla to men who want to be at their peak in bed. It’s that poweful. For centuries, the scent has been used in perfumes by the Chinese, also. Why? Because they know how men respond to it. I think, to be honest, that’s why women like it- even though they may not know why. We are talking love Jones elixir and nothing less. It’s also a mild euphoric, which will serve as a great prelude to the equphoira you’re fixing to send your woman into.

Black licorice has been proven to be the most sexually stimulating scent for women. Add cucumber to that mix and you have the world’s hottest combination for firing up your partner for a night of passion. Combining oils in a burner with these two scents is bound to get her roiling with desire before you even lay a finger on her.

Tantra is the ancient Eastern practice of sexuality and sandalwood has been used in its practice for centuries. A sandalwood-scented candle or stick fo incense in the bedroom is said to have the power to create orgasm you want’ soon forget. For both of you. Another way to put this delicious scent to work is with oil. Part of your foreplay ritual might be a prolonged, relaxing massage using sandalwood-scented body oil. Relaxation is a big factor in women achieving orgasm, so this might just be your silver bullet to orgasm number one. Work those hands, buddies!

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